The Feed

Amazon   2019   10 x 1hr

Amazon/Studio Lambert

Directors:  Carl Tibbetts, Tinge Krishnan, Jill Robertson, Misha Manson-Smith, Colin Teague

Producer:  Simon Lewis

Executive Producers:  Sue Hogg, Sarah Murray, Channing Powell

Starring:  David Thewlis, Michelle Fairley, Guy Burnet, Nina Toussaint-White, Clare-Hope Ashitey



+ Score Credits

Score composed and produced by Jon Opstad

Performed By:

Budapest Art Orchestra, Conductor - Peter Pejtsik

Jon Opstad - synthesisers, electronics, waterphone, clarinets

Eivind Aarset - electric guitar

Heidi Parsons & Peter Gregson - cello solos

Bad Snacks - electric violin

Mark Opstad - countertenor vocal

Adrian Portia - hand pans, percussion

Carmody - vocals, electric guitar

String Quintet: Clare Wheeler, Kate Suthers, Kirsty Mangan (violins), Laurie Gregson (viola), Peter Gregson (cello)


Mix Engineer: Goetz Botzenhardt

Orchestrator: Dave Foster

Music Editor/Programming: Lindsay Wright

Contractor/Session Producer for Orchestral Sessions: Miklos Lukacs

Recording engineer for Orchestral Sessions - Gabor Buczko

ProTools engineer for Orchestral Sessions - David Lukacs